Join the Lab!

We are looking for exceptional applicants who have a strong background in areas such as machine learning, computer science, computational biology, and biomedicine. Applicants for the postdoctoral scholar position need to have a strong publication record at the relevant conferences and journals.

Unfortunately, we are not able to respond to all emails. So, depending on your situation, please follow one of the following routes:


You are a prospective PhD student?

Please apply directly to EPFL’s PhD program and list me as a faculty of interest.

  • For computer science: Please apply to the EDIC Doctoral School.
    Deadlines: December 15 and April 15.
  • For computational biology: Please apply to the EDCB Doctoral School.
    Deadlines: April 15 and November 1.

You are a prospective Postdoctoral Scholar?

Reach out via email to using the subject line “[AIMM Lab] Application PostDoc” containing:

  • your CV including publication list,
  • contact information for three referees, and a
  • cover letter describing any prior research experience and why you are interested in our group.

You are a Master student interested in a thesis or internship?

Reach out via email to using the subject line “[AIMM Lab] Application Master Student/Internship” with a transcript, resume, and a brief description of your interests and background.


You are an undergraduate student?

If you are an undergraduate student interested in joining our group for a short-term research visit, please consider applying to the Summer@EPFL program. Feel free to express specific interest in our research group in your application. We will not be able to personally respond to such requests outside of this program.